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You can use this wiki to illustrate how you use AMC: templates, tips and tricks, ...

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Ubuntu software center Installing AMC from the software center on Ubuntu.

Installing AMC with MacPorts on macOS Transliteration of the equivalent in French

Building AMC from mercurial repository Build AMC from the sources using the new mercurial repository.

Building AMC from sources on Gentoo This page contains all the material to get you started on Gentoo.

Building AMC from subversion repository (deprecated) Build AMC from the sources using the old subversion repository.


Setup AMC to send email Configure AMC to send annotated answer sheets by email.

verbatim inside questions for LaTeX users who would like to include verbatim paragraphs inside the question environment.

AMC used in a DRY way Use AMC in such a way that you do not have to copy a lot of files or file contents.

Do not repeat yourselves or DRY way of working with AMC How to reuse a large set of questions over time.

AMC and multi-lingual exams Use AMC to produce the same exam in several languages at once.

Many choices on one sheet Use multiple columns on the separate answer sheet.

Custom header and footer Customize the header and footer of your AMC subjects

Using AMC in command line only Short howto of how to use the different perl scripts and AMC command to prepare, analyse, correct, note and annotate your tests.

Using AMC on a server with X-server (aqua on OS-X) Very short howto to use a single server installation for multiple users.

Using AMC on a PC without Linux (with a live-USB key)

Automatic data capture process Describes how AMC detects ticked boxes

Upload and share annotated papers with ownCloud/NextCloud Nautilus script to avoid having to send emails.


Translations Explains how to translate AMC to some new language, or update translations


Build a new filter plugin Short howto of how to build a new filter plugin to process different source file formats


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