Using AMC on a server with X-server (aqua on OS-X)

X11 as a graphical environment is already quite old, but still very usefull.
Every current Linux distro (measured 2013-08-25) has a X11 server on board. But also Mac OS-X has or can have a full blown x-server, even in at least two variants.
The Aqua version seems to be a popular one.

If you set up a linux server (in our case a ubuntu 12.04 LTS) and enable some X11-client applications, you can run AMC on that. Assume the linux server is called alexis.local, and you username on that server is me.
Also assume that you have a complete home environment on the server with your home dir /home/me containing the standard /home/me/MC-Projects subdir as your working dir for AMC.
If properly installed it can even do the office calc thing. For many cases this is easier to maintain, as the maintenance has to be done one machine only and can be done by your local LaTeX/Linux/AMC guru.


  1. Install amc on the server. Watch the dependencies, but it is quite doable.
  2. use ssh as the connection protocol to your server, with the -X flag set, like
    ssh -X me@alexis.local
  3. start up AMC per command line like so

    and presto the gui will start as usual.

The "*server*" does not really have to be server grade hardware, it could be a special or shared workstation, reachable for the other (mac) workstations.

Happy amc-ing.