AMC used in a DRY way

An old colleague once turned the often used phrase copy and paste into copy and waste which is true in many cases.

My experience with LaTeX and making exams with LaTeX is to put each question into a file of its own and then
reuse it in other exams. That way, adding 25\% of questions per year will give you an ever larger base of questions.

Combining that into a AMC exam is as simple as pie. Just input the files in an AMC \element.

I have several courses (topics) for which I have to prepare exams.
I keep all the questions organised in a directory per topic.

To not to pollute the MC-projects directory (as in copy and waste), in my exam I add
something like a QuestionBaseDir and use that to input all questions as well as inside questions
to for instance fetch pictures.


In a question I would use the same like this: (For a UML horizontal extends symbol inline).


Same for including tables, code listings for programming courses, my institutes logo etc.