Building AMC from sources on Gentoo

As of September 16th of 2014, there are no AMC ebuild available through any overlay, unfortunately.
Using this guide, you find all the information and resources to compile / install AMC 1.2.1. You will need to set up a local overlay (i.e. on your computer) to use the ebuild provided in this page.

Compile / Install using a local overlay

Note : bug ( has been open to request the inclusion of AMC in portage.
The files on this wiki page are also available on Gentoo bug-tracking system are the same address.

  • Create a local overlay
    For reference, here the original procedure, with more explanations :
    Run the following commands as root (don't forget to give your overlay a nice name ) :
    # mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/{metadata,profiles} 
    # echo 'NameOfTheOverlay' > /usr/local/portage/profiles/repo_name
    # echo 'masters = gentoo' > /usr/local/portage/metadata/layout.conf
    # chown -R portage:portage /usr/local/portage

    Get portage ready to make use of this new overlay :
    # echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage ${PORTDIR_OVERLAY}"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf
  • Install the provided files (ebuilds and patches)
    Create directories as necessary :
    # mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/app-office/auto-multiple-choice/files/

    Download the files on this page, and store them in the following directories :
    /usr/local/portage/app-office/auto-multiple-choice/          [ebuilds]
    /usr/local/portage/app-office/auto-multiple-choice/files/    [patches]

    Starting with ebuild version 1.2.1-r1, the ebuild is masked on all arch ("x86" and "amd64"). Adapt your "package.keywords" file as needed.
  • Generate the Manifest
    Still as root user :
    cd /usr/local/portage/app-office/auto-multiple-choice/
    ebuild auto-multiple-choice-1.2.1.ebuild manifest clean

    Now AMC should be ready for installation. Remember that each and every time you change the ebuild, you need to generate again the Manifest.
  • Install AMC
    All that is left to do, is to run your favorite "emerge" line :
    emerge -qav auto-multiple-choice

    Warning ! The requires "app-tex/dblatex" package is not yet part of portage ; you will find it in overlays such as "eva" ou "benf".
    (Use "layman" to manage your overlays).

Installation using an overlay

No existing overlay yet. :-(

Updates to the documentation

The provided ebuild and this documentation are relatively new and untested. Feel free to adapt and to give some feedback (forums or wiki).

auto-multiple-choice-1.2.1.ebuild - AMC 1.2.1 ebuild (1.8 kB) Pierre-Olivier Vallès, 09/16/2014 06:05 pm

auto-multiple-choice-1.2-makefiles.patch - patch (1.4 kB) Pierre-Olivier Vallès, 09/16/2014 06:05 pm

auto-multiple-choice-1.2-desktop.patch - patch desktop (633 Bytes) Pierre-Olivier Vallès, 09/17/2014 09:49 pm

auto-multiple-choice-1.2.1-r1.ebuild - auto-multiple-choice-1.2.1-r1 (1.9 kB) Pierre-Olivier Vallès, 09/17/2014 09:49 pm