Custom header and footer

From AMC version 1.1.1295 (revision r1295), you can customize the header and footer of your AMC subjects if you use LaTeX source files, using the \fancyhead and \fancyfoot commands:
\fancyhead[C]{ ...header... }
\fancyfoot[C]{ ...footer... }

However, you must follow the following rules:
  • Don't use \fancyhead or \fancyfoot with [L] or [R], since AMC uses them to place the four corner circles that will be used during automatic data analysis to adjust the page position on the scans.
  • Never write anything too close to these circles (that is in the areas colored in red on the figure opposite)
  • Always use once (and only once) the three commands \AMCIDBoxesA, \AMCIDBoxesB and \AMCIDBoxesC per page (either in the header or in the footer). You can also use \AMCIDBoxesABC, which groups these three commands together. These commands print the "binary boxes" that allows AMC to know which subject's page the scan corresponds to. These boxes must be at the exact same position on each page of the subject.
  • If you put ID boxes in the header, avoid including images or drawings (use texts only) in the footer, since they can be confused with ID boxes when the completed answer sheet is scanned is upside-down. If you put ID boxes in the footer, avoid images and drawings in the header.

corners.png (2.2 kB) Alexis Bienvenüe, 01/20/2013 03:41 pm