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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Category Target version
662 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportFeedbackNormalComment mettre les lettres en minuscule dans la grille de réponses séparées ?09/18/2019 11:00 amAMC-TXT
656 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd possibility to include PDFs at the end (or start) of each copy (using AMC-TXT)10/10/2019 11:51 amAMC-TXT
455 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugFeedbackNormalScan is not recognising properly04/12/2017 07:41 pmAMC-TXT
442 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugFeedbackNormalAMC-TXT Syntax, space between "*"and "[" at the start of question. 04/12/2017 07:42 pmAMC-TXT
440 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormalAdd Question Numbers Manually instead of Auto generated.04/12/2017 07:45 pmAMC-TXT
435 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportNewImmediateAMCchoiceLabel for digits11/17/2016 11:53 amAMC-TXT
325 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportFeedbackNormalannotation des copies12/13/2014 06:40 pmAMC-TXT
320 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormal\AMCNumericChoice in AMC-TXT?12/02/2014 05:54 pmAMC-TXT
319 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportFeedbackNormalmise en page11/29/2014 11:02 amAMC-TXT
633 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugNewLowAMCnumericChoices ne devrait pas être présenté dans la partie « énoncés aléatoires »03/10/2019 08:06 pmDocumentation
404 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewLowDo not compile the final exam manually with pdflatex02/04/2016 10:04 pmDocumentation
310 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportNewNormalcomprendre le fonctionnement et la notation des questions ouvertes11/06/2014 06:31 pmDocumentation
284 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugNewLowSpécifier comment l'utilisateur corrige le calage06/20/2014 06:31 pmDocumentation
237 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportFeedbackNormalannotation10/31/2014 07:05 pmDocumentation
637 Auto Multiple ChoiceSupportNewNormalAnonymer les scans en filigrane03/13/2019 08:42 amGraphical Interface1.5.0
623 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormalattribuer manuellement des scans à des copies02/09/2019 06:44 pmGraphical Interface
622 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureFeedbackNormalOrganisation de la fenêtre "ouvrir un projet"09/27/2019 06:48 pmGraphical Interface1.5.0
614 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugNewNormalManual Correction Interfcae Does Not Scroll When Maximised12/29/2018 09:24 pmGraphical Interface
583 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugFeedbackNormalProblème d'encodage09/04/2019 04:44 pmGraphical Interface
570 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugNewLowFenêtre non dimensionnable et plein écran impossible sous windows (WSL)09/12/2018 09:44 amGraphical Interface
447 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugResolvedNormalCannot decode string with wide characters01/25/2017 06:30 pmGraphical Interface
384 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormalAjout du corrigé en mode prérempli10/29/2015 12:28 pmGraphical Interface
331 Auto Multiple ChoiceBugFeedbackNormalDouble-clicking should be enough on zoom window12/17/2014 04:29 pmGraphical Interface
324 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormalRenommage des boutons pour l'identification des étudiants12/10/2014 06:20 amGraphical Interface
316 Auto Multiple ChoiceFeatureNewNormalIdentification manuelle des copies11/25/2014 07:19 pmGraphical Interface

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