show both score correction and scan form at the same time (Feature #51)

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Maybe I missed the information, and it is already possible.

It would be nice if you could look at the scanned student form and the correction form (the one with the red clickable check boxes) at the same time, so you can easily see and correct miss scans and badly filled boxes.


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I think you're right, I will try to work on this, one day...

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You can try revision r1197 which adds the choice between "original" and "scan" in the manual data capture window.

Updated by Pieter Van den Hombergh almost 10 years ago

This works and looks good.
The difference between a box scanned ticked and a box corrected to ticked is a bit subtle, but usable.

It is a very nice feature and I think my colleague will be glad to use it in his first AMC run....

The big advantage is that you do not have to handle the paper forms any more in case you have open questions.
You can concentrate on one screen and do your correction work there.

The user interface might be a bit confusing, because you need to select automatic first to load the scanned file(s) and can then
use the manual button to do manual correction on these same files.
Maybe one should add a text like scoring or correcting to the right of the button or in the tool tip. Of course, any change here should not add to the confusion, so the tooltip might be the best option.

Nice work.

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