separate mc section and open answer section printout for efficient paper usage (Feature #250)

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In some exams you want to use multiple choice questions and open questions.
This describes the situation when you use a separate answer sheet.
While mc questions can be put into a two column layout (no problem if you have 6 or less choices), but the answers to open questions need
more space when hand written.
This could be accomplished if the \AMCform command was re-factored such that by default combines all sections (elements), but that it would be possible to also render the elements separately.
So e.g. a command \\AMCformElement{element name } as in \\AMCformElement{general} and \\AMCformElement{open} would do the trick for me.

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Revision 2173:7e107b6c06a0
Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 1 year ago

In separate answer sheet mode, organize answers "memory" in elements,
so that one can retrieve (and insert) elements separately. The new
macro \AMCformFilter, together with \AMCifcategory, can be used to
insert answers for questions from some category (eg. open questions).
Refs #250.


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Thanks for you suggestion.
Starting with revision hg:7e107b6c06a0 (included in version 1.3.0+hg2018-02-25-1 from current test PPA), you can use something like



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