Assign scanned exams to students

Added by James K over 4 years ago


I wonder if it is possible to assign scanned exams to students, so that I can show to each student not only its corrected test, but also the scanned exam he/she turned.

Otherwise, I have to browse through the ~180 exams and search for the student.

Just a rename of the scanned pages in the "scans" folder, so that the name contains the exam number would get me very close, because the csv in the "exports" folder already contains the mapping from exam number to student id.

Regards, and thanks for this fine piece of work.

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RE: Assign scanned exams to students - Added by Gregory F over 4 years ago


Are you using the "annotate papers" on the reports tab?

This gets you the scan for each students with annotations and marks. This way you clearly see what has actually been marked or not detected. And of yours files are named after the students so they are easy to find.

Hope this helps.


RE: Assign scanned exams to students - Added by James K about 4 years ago

Hello, Greg:

I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, I didn't receive an email and forgot to check.

The "Annotate papers" option is indeed awesome. Using the "file name model" (id) or (email), it is very easy to plug it into any script that would send it by email (in case the "send email" script does not work), or place it in a certain folder in your server, or whatever.

Thank you very much.