Getting AMC to find my student list

Added by Benjamin Simon over 10 years ago

I am trying to associate my student list with their answer sheets (I'm doing a generic answer sheet for a photocopied exam) Each sheet is unique and the students put their student ID in the ID block.
Scanning and scoring all went fine, but I can't link the sheets to specific student IDs.
I have created a .txt file in the format:

Doe,John S,12345678

In the documentation there is a statement:

The prepared list of students (either a simple list or with more information) will then be selected with the button List of the students. We must also choose one of the columns as a unique key which will identify the students (generally, one chooses the column containing the student's number). Last, to prepare an automated association, we must choose the name of the relevant code used in the LaTeX command AMCcode (if used)

However I cannot find any "list of the students" button...

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RE: Getting AMC to find my student list - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 10 years ago

In recent versions, use this button: