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Added by Matthias Buntins over 7 years ago

I've been working with AMC for about two years now and never encountered any serious issues. I ran it from within a virtualized lubuntu from within VirtualBox. Couriously, when I tried to do the manual association of students to answer sheets, suddenly the name-boxes are no longer displayed, yielding it nearly impossible to match the students to their sheets. Instead, I see the sheet ID and copy number (see screenshot).

I searched the forums without success. Then I updated AMC to version 1.3.0 - still with the same bug. It even persists, when I open older projects, whith which manual association used to work fine (so it cannot be a LaTex mistake). Moreover, when I reset my virtual machine to the last saved state when it used to work fine - still name association does not work (i.e. name fields are not shown to do the matching). I have really no idea how this can be. Should not the reset vm work fine, at least?

I am in serious trouble here, since I relied on AMC to work as usual and have a bunch of exams that need to be corrected as soon as possible... So help would be appreciated a lot.

Thank you so much in advance,

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Update - Added by Matthias Buntins over 7 years ago

I now imported the restored version of my vm into VMware - still the same bug. I just don't get it - how is it possible that a program within a virtual system ceases to work, even though the original state of the machine is restored? Any ideas? I think the next thing I'll do is set up a linux on a usb flash drive and try to get AMC to work there.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Update 2 - Added by Matthias Buntins over 7 years ago

I now set up a completely new virtual system (Mint) and manually installed and configured AMC. I did the same on a Flash Drive, so that I have two identical systems, one on a bootable usb-stick and one in a virtual maschine. After having re-loaded the source file in an existing project, student assignment worked fine again. However, one day later, on the same system, a newly set up project produced the same error as before.
I have not the slightest idea what the problem might be - maybe some hidden parameters in the project settings? Has anyone had this problem before? I would really like to continue using AMC, but I do need a reliable system. So I would be extremely grateful for help!
Thank you!

Update 3 - Added by Matthias Buntins over 7 years ago

There are finally some news: The problem seems to occur during automatic capturing of the scanned pdf-files. With amc version 1.2.1 it does not work, whereas the problem vanishes with version 1.3.0 - however, in version 1.3.0 annotating pages does not work...
Furthermore, it seems odd to me, that version 1.2.1 used to work fine about half a year ago and now isn't working properly any more.
Any ideas?

Solved - Added by Matthias Buntins over 7 years ago

I finally managed to get things working again! Although I still don't know why amc 1.2.1 ceased to work properly, I found out how to do the annotations in 1.3.0: When I insert some random text into the box called 'name model', annotations work perfectly fine.
Even though this thread didn't involve anyone but myself, maybe it is of help for people who encounter the same problem. The solution was to upgrade to 1.3.0 and specify a name model for the annotations.