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Added by Antonio Morales almost 9 years ago

Is there any possibility to generate explained solutions to the questions ? Currently the 'answers' options only marks the correct choices of the questions. What i would like is to add some text to explain the correct answer and why the other are wrong. Also in the case of open questions I would like the substitute or fill in the box with a text with a correct answer.

In the past I used the exam class for latex an there was some options to so this. I also used at some point the 'ifthen' and 'comment' packages for having environments which were produced depending on a boolean option. I'm a bit afraid to do this with AMC latex because i don't get the internals of the package and could boroke something.

Has anyone a solution for this ?

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RE: Solutions with explanation text - Added by Frédéric Bréal almost 9 years ago

You can type in a question environment (only with the development version)


A simple example:

  Which has the highest elevation among the following?
      \wrongchoice{Mont Blanc}
  \explain{Sagarmatha which literally means `Head of sky' is the native name of
           Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.}

To install test version

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexis.bienvenue/test
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install auto-multiple-choice

RE: Solutions with explanation text - Added by Nikola Z. Guscic over 8 years ago

For open questions there is already an option@ answer=text@, for example:

Define \emph{inflation}.
\AMCOpen{lines=5,answer=some text here}{\wrongchoice[W]{w}\scoring{0}\wrongchoice[P]{p}\scoring{1}\correctchoice[C]{c}\scoring{2}}

However, this seems to only fill one line of the answer box, may not be entirely what you need.