AMC-TXT subfiles

Added by Florian Schoengassner over 7 years ago


Is there a possibility in AMC-TXT to have questions in separate files and "input" them like in latex into the main file?


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RE: AMC-TXT subfiles - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 7 years ago

With the development version,

IncludeFile: subfile.txt

RE: AMC-TXT subfiles - Added by Nicolas Fueyo almost 2 years ago

I want to use AMC the DRY way, but can't from just reading the wiki. The answer to this same question would suit me fine but... for lack of background, I don't understand it.

What if my questions files are in another directory like cd .. > cd questions > subfile.txt
Where would I insert the "IncludeFile" line ? Can you give context ?