How to see unrecognized pages?

Added by s k about 9 years ago


I conducted a survey in my community with about 600 participants in which I had photocopied answer sheets.
Out of 800, 10 were not recognized. I see the message 10 answer sheets not recognized in the Data Capture tab.
But what I'm supposed to do to find out the unrecognized papers of students so that I'll be able to manually mark them. I cannot see the unrecognized papers in the list within Data Capture tab. It is not possible to manually see each scan of 600 sheets to find out the 10.

Please suggest me a solution for this issue!


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RE: How to see unrecognized pages? - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe about 9 years ago

  1. Press the Look at scans button next the 10 answer sheets not recognized message
  2. Click on the + sign before Scans list
    You will se the list of unrecognized files, to be found in the scans subdirectory of your project directory. You can see what's wrong with them, correct them and submit them again with AMC, or make a manual data capture from them.

RE: How to see unrecognized pages? - Added by s k about 9 years ago


Thanks a lot for prompt reply!
Well, I'm able to find these unrecognized images.
However, ironically there are some mirrorred .tif files having prefix as "rotated-". What are they?
I don't even have such files. Where did they come from? Their nomenclature seems similar to the one used by my scanner. Are these some scanner raw files which I cannot see in the directory but are recognized by AMC? Highly confused about these mysterious ones.

Everything else is fine. Found other files which had tampered markings. Thanks for that!