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I'm looking for software to analyse questionnaires for market research. Because I have to digitalise huge amounts of data with statistical software, I must have for every answer sheet all answers seperated, without marks or scores.

PLEASE CHECK THE EXAMPLE IN THE ATTACHMENT.This is the sort of table or database I'd like to have, based on the questionnaire sheets.

Is it possible with AMC to make questionnaire sheets that are after distribuation and recollection being scanned, there could be an output, given by AMC that gives for every question the answer of every student, so I can process these data with eg. MS Excel or SPSS? Even if the data are symbolic (e.g Yes=1 No=0), this could be already a good help for me.

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RE: questionnaire individual choices - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 10 years ago

Currently, you can choose between LaTeX and AMC-TXT formats to write the questions. The questions you mention in your exemple can be written in LaTeX:

  Is this product useful?

  Please choose:
    \wrongchoice{I don't think this prduct will ever be succesful}\scoring{1}
    \wrongchoice{I think this product might be succesful}\scoring{2}
    \wrongchoice{I think this product will certainly be useful for a small group of people}\scoring{3}
    \correctchoice{I think this product will be a massive success}\scoring{4}

Note that I chose one arbitrary question to be "correct", even if this does not mean anything in this situation.
After printing, filled questionnaires can be scaned and the "grades" of the "students" will reflect the answers they ticked.
You can use ODS export, or SQLite export (see RE: calculate the frequency of choices) to get full data.