Discrimination Index

Added by Wenceslao González-Viñas over 10 years ago

Dear all,

I am new in the AMC and I would like to know whether is possible to get from the AMC the discrimination index, or if it has to be calculated outside? In the latter case, Does someone has don this with the output AMC gives in Openoffice, Libreoffice or Excel?

Thanks a lot,


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RE: Discrimination Index - Added by Devin Casenhiser over 10 years ago

Hi Wenceslao,

It doesn't calculate a discrimination index for you. However, the spreadsheet does gives you data for each person's score on each item. It would not therefore be difficult to sort the sheet by each person's score, split it in half, sum the score for the high group, subtract that from the sum of the score for the low group and divide by the size of each group. Probably take 5 minutes worth of manipulation in LibreOffice or Excel. If you need an example let me know and I'll provide.

I'm not much of a programmer, so I don't know what it would take to add this stat into the export routine. Maybe someone else will know where these changes can be made to make it automatic, or if it's possible to customize the export on an individual basis. Seems like I recall that there was some way of doing this with SQL.