Added by Nhu Le about 10 years ago

I am trying to find a way to speed up things a bit when doing marking. Currently this is all I can think of:

  • While the scanner is working to get all the PNG files into a directory, I loop the following commands to process them as they appear:

auto-multiple-choice getimages (STEP 1)
auto-multiple-choice analyse (STEP 2)

  • When all the forms are done being scanned, I do:

auto-multiple-choice prepare mode b (STEP 3)
auto-multiple-choice note (STEP 4)
auto-multiple-choice association-auto (STEP 5)
auto-multiple-choice export (STEP 6)

This will give me a CSV files with all the selections users have made. However, step 3-6 can take a long time if I have hundreds of forms to process. I have a few questions:

1. Is there a way to do STEP 3 incrementally (together with STEP 1-2) so that to make use of the time being spent by the scanner instead of waiting?
2. I do not care about the mark. I only need to know which check box and options were selected. Are there any step I can skip or change to make it faster?
3. If I don't do STEP 3, the exported CSV contains only the final mark and not the detail info on which options were selected on the form. Is STEP 3 absolutely required if I want such information?

Thank you so much.

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RE: Performance - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe about 10 years ago

Step 3 extracts the scoring strategy from the source file. So you can call it as soon as the scoring strategy is fixed (even before STEP 1 and 2).
If you don't need marks, perhaps you can use a plugin (see RE: Scoring with formula and if condition (ballot paper)) and call export without note? However, association-auto needs note.
Perhaps an option to skip some questions' marking would help you. If so, feel free to add a feature request at issues/new.

RE: Performance - Added by Nhu Le about 10 years ago

When I performed STEP 3 before all the forms are scanned in, the exported CSV does not contain all the checked information:


If this is done after all the forms are scanned in, I have something similar to this, which tells me exactly which check box where selected.

I will be looking into the "ballot paper" option you mention last time but just want to make sure that I am not missing something regarding the order of STEP 3.