AMC 1.3 release

Added by Pascal Chesnais over 7 years ago

Bonjour, I really enjoy AMC and plan on using it more this year. One new feature that is being incorporated is the explanation functions in the annotates which will greatly help students have more information available to them with the corrected copies they receive. However, this feature is to be rolled out with 1.3 There is no indicate of a release date for 1.3, it would be helpful to know if there is one.

thank you!


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RE: AMC 1.3 release - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 7 years ago

You can use the test version of AMC to get more features.
Release date for 1.3: I don't know (even if it should be soon)…

RE: AMC 1.3 release - Added by Adin Ramirez over 7 years ago


Where did you see the new features in the 1.3 version?

That annotation function seems interesting. Can you point me to a link? or maybe Alexis.


RE: AMC 1.3 release - Added by Frédéric Bréal over 7 years ago

it's works with the test version