Version 1.3.0

No major change since 1.1.0, but a lot of new features and bug fixes. Among others:
  • Annotated answer sheets are now prettier (use of native PDF vector drawings). You can also control where the scores will be written.
  • AMC-TXT enhancements, as questions groups management.
  • CUPS/lp printing method, for platforms with CUPS but without Net::CUPS perl package.
  • Adds a darkness upper threshold, to allow students to cancel a tick by filling the box (if set to some value lower than 1).

Thank you to all contributors!

Code: Alexis Bienvenüe, Hiroto Kagotani, Anirvan Sarkar

Documentation: Alexis Bienvenüe, Frédéric Bréal, Hiroto Kagotani

  • Arabic: Ali Hatim
  • French: Alexis Bienvenüe, Frédéric Bréal
  • German: Tobias Rad, Karoline Schölzke, Florian Schöngaßner, Dominik Vogel
  • Japanese: Hiroto Kagotani
  • Spanish: Andrés Alvarado, Mónico Briseño, Rafael Rodriguez