Proposal for "custom" in AMC-TXT format (Feature #800)

Added by Laurent Noe 12 months ago. Updated 12 months ago.

Status:New Start date:12/04/2021
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in the AMC-TXT format (the text format that generate latex files), it would be nice to add the support for the "custom" style; this one is already provided in the latex "choicecustom" : so i did a simple hack (mush be checked anyway, i dont want to destroy "horiz" mode [**]) by modifying the AMC/Filter/ file :

my $ct = ( $q->{horiz} ? 'horiz' : '');

replaced by

my $ct = ( $q->{horiz} ? 'horiz' : ($q->{custom} ? 'custom' : '' ));

so the 'custom' can be activated [*]

This must be checked ... before ... by someone expert in AMC [**] ;-)




[*] at least in my acm version (1.5.0-1, i tried the 1.5.0-3 with the same problem, on macports)

the 'horiz' mode fails when the latex FP package is used in conjunction with a question that defines a random variable \FPGeval\Variable{trunc(2*random,0)} and a set of next questions that have answers such as

\FPifzero\Variable{text1}\else{the text2 of different size}\fi

(the package \usepackage{fp} is in the "LaTeX-Preambule:" section)

i will try to send a short bug report, but i'm afraid its due the unknown size for the two texts

[**] i got a strange bug first where all the horiz question that were used AFTER this "custom" question were without style, so not in horiz mode ; then it was working perfectly ... but i dont know why ... so WARNING LIGHTS HERE !!


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