Setting the exported Stats Table to ignore answer key w/ postcorrect

Added by Stewart Thomas over 4 years ago

I'm using the `postcorrect` option and scoring a batch of "bubble sheets". When using the "Mark" function under the Marking tab, I select the answer sheet to use when calculating the correct responses. This all works well.

However, there is an issue with the exported OpenOffice spreadsheet that I can't figure out how to resolve.

The first tab of the spreadsheet ("Marks") displays all the data as expected. No issues with this tab.

However, the Stats Table (I'm using Vertical Flow if it matters) is including the Answer key in its calculations. In other words: Given a class of, say, 10 students, I scan in 11 sheets and select one as the answer key. The Marks tab shows the correct statistics of the 10 students. The Stats Table shows the distribution of answers for all 11 sheets. However, the data I care about is only for the 10 student papers.

Is there a simple way for the Stats Table calculation to ignore the answer key when using the `postcorrect` option?