groups of questions and shuffling

Added by Jose Briseño about 10 years ago

I have a group of questions. This group has 10 questions. I want to
include 5 of them chosen randomly in the exam from this group of
questions. Is there an option to do this?

Thanks in Advance


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RE: groups of questions and shuffling - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe about 10 years ago

Suppose your questions are in a group named geometry (before the use of \onecopy):


[... nine other questions ...]

You can shuffle the questions inside this group with \shufflegroup, and then insert the 5 first questions of the shuffled group with \insertgroup (with an optional argument), inside \onecopy:

As an other example, you can build an exam with 5 questions from geometry and 6 questions from algebra, all shuffled, with the following code:

See Groups of questions section in (a recent version of) AMC manual.