Help fixing mistake with marking

Added by Clayton Spencer over 4 years ago

I hope someone can help me fix this problem. I made a typo that I did not catch for one multiple choice question on a quiz. The question was of the type: Identify which of the following statements is true.
I. This is true
II. This is false
III. This is true
IV. This is false.

-I and II
-II and III
-II and IV
-I and III
-III and IV

The issue is that I had the answer choice "I and II" listed twice, and no "I and III" answer choice. Sad face. A student pointed it out to me and at the time the only thing I could think of to tell them to do was to choose one of the "I and II" answer choices and convert it to "I and III". Of course there is a 50%/50% chance that they chose the one that I had identified as the correct choice to AMC. I thought there would be a way for me to go in and manually indicate if a student had a correct response for an item or at the very least, give them full credit if they selected EITHER of the original "I and II" answer choices. But I could not find such options. Other than grading this question by hand with my trusty red pen, can anyone think of a reasonable way to fix my mistake?


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RE: Help fixing mistake with marking - Added by Gregory F over 4 years ago

Hi Clayton,

I assume you choices are shuffled, in this case, there is nothing you can do while grading into AMC. Otherwise you may simply focus on your question in the manual data capture and tick the correct one (say, it's alway the first "I and II") when relevant.

But I think your second assumption is the best way to do it. Simply add:

\scoring{1} %Or whatever score you give

to the wrong-but-possibly-correct answer in your source file, as follows:

\wrongchoice{I and III}\scoring{1}

Then every student who ticked one of the two will get 1 point. But still none if they ticked both.

Hope this helps, fill free to shout if my explanation is unclear.