scoring problems of open question II

Added by Björn Johansson almost 7 years ago

I realized the question was poorly formatted. I have attached a text file to this question.

**<lines=8>{p=0} A circular plasmid is digested with enzymes A,B and
C. Design a plasmid map.
Enz A 1kb+2kb+3kb... {0} 0
[1]{1} 1 {2} 2
[3]{3} 3
-[4]{4} 4
+[5]{5} 5
I corrected this manually in AMC clicking on one of the boxes
expecting a note between 0 a 6.
Turns out that I get 6 points when I have clicked on "5" and 4 for any
other marking.
What is wrong??? Please help ASAP I have to send the results this morning.