AMC formatting: LaTeX compatibility ?

Added by Michel Perez over 7 years ago

It seems that AMC formatting depends somehow on something that is not in the original tex file. This is very frustrating...
Explanations: a first teacher generate 500 copies of an exam, print them and give them to students.
Then, after the exam, each of his colleagues take their share of exams filled by students and try to regenerate the exam PDF with AMC with the exact same tex file.
Unfortunately, the exam formatting is slightly different so that AMC cannot detect answers anymore and the colleagues cannot mark the exams ;(
How to ensure that the same tex file will lead to the same formatting? Is it possible that different versions of LaTeX lead to different formatting? How to solve that?

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RE: AMC formatting: LaTeX compatibility ? - Added by shreikant kv over 7 years ago

Please check whether the version of AMC matches among all teachers. Or, just copy the project folder including data subfolder
to all teachers.

RE: AMC formatting: LaTeX compatibility ? - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 7 years ago

AMC calls pdfLaTeX on the source file to build the exam PDF, also passing the number of requested copies to it, but nothing more. However, as shreikant said, the result can be slightly different if you use different versions of the automultiplechoice style file, that is usually shipped with AMC. Maybe other packages versions affects the result, but this is less likely.
The data subfolder is not used to generate the exam PDF, so no need to copy it across teachers' computers.