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Added by Stefan Reinsberg over 9 years ago

In our midterms we also use group exams (in addition to the standard individual exam). For a group exam I put four people in a group. They are identified by 4 separate name fields and 4 student IDs (each tied to a different AMCcode) on the cover sheet of the exam paper.

Is it possible to annotate and email the group exam paper to the four people in each group?

One workaround that has occurred to me is that I would run the 'Student Identification' four times for each of the separate AMCcodes. Then I could export, annotate and email the results four times. Are there other options evailable?

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RE: group exams - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 9 years ago

Are there other options available?

I'm afraid no. This needs to restructure a little AMC's database.