what is the best pen/pencil type to fill the boxes

Added by Pieter Van den Hombergh over 10 years ago

Maybe someone would like to share their experience with filling out the forms and which pens or pencils they use.

My experience so far:
  • Using a soft black pencil (hardness HB) has the advantage that students can correct if they make a mistake, however, the paper tends to get smudged. Also, if the students did not apply he pencil properly,
    the box is greyish instead of black enough, causing read problems. In the exams I surveyed my selves I sent the back to fill out the boxes properly, but colleagues forgot, meaning a corrections afterwards.
  • Using a black felt tip is much blacker, but the one I used (actually CD markers) wrote through the paper, giving smudges on the paper below (or even on he table if the student wetted the paper too much), which is not good
    if you have a two form answer sheet.

Any tips anyone would like to share?

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RE: what is the best pen/pencil type to fill the boxes - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 10 years ago

My experience: with our scanner (some big photocopier/scanner/printer) with the black&white setting (no greyscale: the scanner decides if each pixel is pure white or pure black) at 300dpi, any pencils are ok... I really have very few manual data capture to do (always less than 10 boxes to correct for a 90 students/20 questions exam - very often because the students did no tick the box properly).