Answers marked incorrectly

Added by S. McKay about 8 years ago

I have been using AMC with very few problem, and most of the problems being my fault. I am sure this is as well ... However, I hope there is a nice fix to my dilemma.

Here is what I did: I wanted to shuffle my multiple choice questions, but I wanted to have two questions per page (to give students room to work on). Shuffling the questions by themselves does not guarantee two questions per page. So I had a brilliant idea: Inside of every element, in included 2 questions, with appropriate spacing and ending with a newpage. It worked great. The test looked the way I wanted it, and layout correctly identified all of the boxes. When I loaded the completed exams, the marked boxes were correctly recognized. However, when I calculated the marks, it gave me no marks. None. It's like it had no information about any questions. When I reran layout, reinputted the completed exams, and reran marks, it did recognize the questions correctly and calculated the score for each problem. However, many of the problems are scored incorrectly. Not all of them, but a significant number. It looks like the information about a different problem is being applied. Some questions, that have one correct answer, have two or three marked as correct. (I do have some questions with this many correct answers).

I assume that it is the shuffling and how I used element that is the problem. I would like clarification if possible, and if possible know how I can fix it. I am attaching the source file (and my style file so you can look at them if needed. Hopefully you know how I can get out of this mess. If not, it's hand recording 75 exams ...


source.tex (10.8 kB)

tabletgrader.sty (4.6 kB)

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RE: Answers marked incorrectly - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe about 8 years ago

Can you build a minimal working example that shows this problem? This would be simpler to analyse…

RE: Answers marked incorrectly - Added by S. McKay about 8 years ago

I will try. It is unclear to me if it is the size of the project that is the problem, or if it is something else -
I am really busy right now, but will try to create an example when I have more time.

(I was hoping I was doing something "obviously" wrong.)