Strange annotation

Added by Bart van Beek over 9 years ago

My default header text is:

%(Roepnaam) %(Tussenv) %(Achternaam)
Cijfer: %s/%m (totaalscore: %S/%M)

But when I annotate tests the result is as in the attached document and therefore not at all as expected. For what I want is to present the mark and the highest possible mark (%s/%m) and then I want to present the total score and the highest possible total score (%S/%M). Instead I get a weird number with "e" in it.

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RE: Strange annotation - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 9 years ago

1e+01 is scientific notation for 10. If you set Edit/Preferences/Annotation/Marks/Significant digits to something greater or equal to 2, this will be written "10".