Autodetect background colour for b&w conversion? And disk space issues

Added by Philipp von Klitzing about 10 years ago

While analyzing what (probably) went wrong during the first try of processing larger number of election ballots during a live event I have identified two causes:

1. Some of the scans were (against the best practice guide issued by me) created in color instead of black & white. I assume this was done because the direct b&w scanning resulted in a completely black image. The ballot papers all have a different paper color, always light tones as available in a typical copy shop, yet the resulting contrast and/or threshold values caused trouble. Fiddling with these during these by non-skilled personnel during a live event, however, is hardly possible. Therefore I have this question:

Could AMC auto-detect the background of a paper, and remove that before proceeding to the b&w conversion? This thought is fueled by the fact that there is already a "remove red color" checkbox option in the preferences.

2. I'd like to suggest that AMC acts in a slightly less disk space consuming manner with regard to temporary graphic files: Either have a setting per project, with default ON, to clean up all these files when the project is being closed (or rather: a new project is being opened). Also, it is not 100% clear to me what the "clean temporary files" tool does, i.e. does that affect the current project or all projects? In any case that tool is a bit too hidden for non-skilled users. Background: AMC apparently goes into a never-ending processing loop when it runs out of disk space.

Yours, Philipp