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I tried to find an answer to this question in the forums but did not, so I assume it has not been asked.

My scenario is that multiple people are cooperatively marking an exam. Each person scores one (open) question, and I want to integrate everything. This is done in parallel, meaning I have multiple PDFs for the same exam. Each with a different question scored. My problem is that when I capture the different versions in sequence, each capture erases the information from the previous ones. Say I have PDF1 with question 1 scored and PDF2 with question 2 scored. When I capture PDF1, the score of question 1 is read, but when I capture PDF2, the score of question 2 is read, and because question 1 has no score in PDF2, the previous score for question 1 is deleted. Is it possible to make AMC ignore non-scored questions and keep previous scores if available?


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RE: Incremental marking - Added by Gregory F about 1 year ago

Hi José,

I don't know if AMC have such an option but I don't think so.

I have two questions:

1. Are the marked questions on different pages?
2. Are all the copies unique or have they been photocopied?

Best case, you have unique copies (with unique identifiers) and one open question per page.
In that case, you can scan only the marked pages and AMC will do the rest.

If, as I understand it, the papers are marked directly in a pdf document, then maybe kindly ask the marking people to delete unmarked pages.

The last option I can imagine would be to:

  • duplicate the project
  • Mark each project using a different pdf
  • Use the spreadsheet export to merge the results.

But that last will not enable you to export annotated copies.

Hope this helps a bit.

RE: Incremental marking - Added by José Campos about 1 year ago

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for the reply. The questions are in different pages and the copies are unique. Also, they have all been scanned so everyone has the PDF with all sheets of all tests (not the best solution but the easiest). What we are currently doing is exactly to export a spreadsheets after capturing each question and merging them afterwards. I was just wandering whether there would be an easiest solution that I was missing.


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I have created some scripts in python that might help. I keep the scripts on gitlab at
and there are style files that support them at
Basically, I create one pdf file per problem, assuming the problems are on different pages, and the graders do not overwrite the work of others.
Once the graders are done, I upload the finished pdfs. (I convert them to jpgs first, which is what the command flatten does.)
Have a look to see if these scripts will help you. For the problem you are having, you would only need gradepages and flatten.
YOu will need to install some python packages in addition to my scripts.

I am going on vacation tomorrow, but if you have questions, let me know. I'll be checking email occasionally.

RE: Incremental marking - Added by José Campos about 1 year ago

Thanks for this. I will give it a try and if I have any problems I will let you know.