Is it possible to make True/False Question in a exam with Answer Sheet?

Added by S. V. about 1 year ago

I am attaching the kind of structure I am looking for.
Basically it is a true/false document with an answer sheet.

The question has a statement and then the student has to evaluate a number of sentences marking true or false to each one of them.
This part is easy to implement []. The difficulty is how to make this exam with an answer sheet.

Question 1. Consider the game below.

T F - Player 1 has a dominant strategy.
T F - The Nash equilibrium is (1, 1).
T F - This game cannot be represented using the extensive form.
T F - If this game has a Nash equilibrium, than it is Pareto efficient.
T F - The strategy profile (C, C) is a Nash equilibrium.

True_or_False.pdf (399.2 kB)