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Added by Jorge Almeida over 2 years ago

I have been using AMC extensively for several years and I am really grateful for such a sophisticated system to be made available freely.

Currently, I am using a MacBookAir with processor M1, having installed AMC (version 1.4.0) with homebrew under intel compatibility mode as it does not properly install with the native architecture arm64 (the installation process breaks when installing the dependency package netcdf).

I have run into the following strange problem. I want to change the grade of a student and re-annotate his exam. While everything else went fine, including the annotation of the exams for "All students", when I select under the Reports menu entry "Selected students" and press the button "Annotate papers", nothing happens. More precisely, in the shell window where I started AMC, I get the following messages

WARNING: Object students_instructions not found in choose_students glade file.
  • unhandled exception in callback:
  • Can't find information for method TreeModel::sort_new_with_model at /usr/local/Cellar/auto-multiple-choice/1.4.0_8/lib/AMC/perl/ line 4055.
  • ignoring at /usr/local/Cellar/auto-multiple-choice/1.4.0_8/libexec/lib/perl5/ line 558.

The version of gtk+3 installed under homebrew is 3.24.29.

While I can get around by re-annotating the exams for all students, help on overcoming this problem would be appreciated.

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RE: problem with annotate - Added by Rakesh Jana 10 months ago

I encountered a similar issue but was unable to resolve it. Ultimately, I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it through MacPorts. I highly recommend that you also install AMC using MacPorts, as several issues have been reported by users who installed it via Homebrew.

RE: problem with annotate - Added by Jorge Almeida 10 months ago

Thanks. I followed your recommendation and apparently everything works fine. I had installed the Homebrew version of AMC because for several years the MacPorts version failed to install.