How to intermix mc questions and short open questions on separate answer sheet.

Added by Pieter Van den Hombergh almost 11 years ago

Short open question

Sometimes short open questions (entering one word, number or short phrase) is better in certain situations then standard or multiple questions.
In those you still might want the randomisation process of all questions to still work, that is, your open questions are in between the randomised questions and thus
have a different question order for each student.

If found the code below to work.
Note it depends (as in uses) part of the current AMC-LaTeX implementation and is not guaranteed to work in the future.

 2%The shortanswer is used inside the questionopen question type
 5% the question open is derived from question and is usable with a separate answer sheet.
 7  \global\def\AMCid@name{#2}\AMC@affecte{#2}{\AMCid@quest}&
 8  \AMCtype@multifalse\ouverte@vs=#1&
 9  \ifAMC@affichekeys\index{\texttt{#2}}\fi&
10  \ifAMC@qbloc\noindent\begin{minipage}{\linewidth}\fi&
11    \AMCbeginQuestion{\ifAMC@affichekeys[\texttt{#2}]\else\AMC@qaff\fi}{}&
12    \AMCmem@ireQ{\arabic{AMCquestionaff}}}&
13  {\vspace*{\ouverte@vs}\dotfill\\&
14    \ifAMC@qbloc\end{minipage}\vspace{3ex}\fi}&

In the code above you find
. Read them as % signs, the latex comment introducer. This wiki engine does not like a { followed by a %.

An example questions:

2  What is the first name of the person who started working on the Linux kernel?
3  \shortanswer{Linus}