How to use smartphone to mark tests or replace the scan marks with my own image

Added by Paco Riviere over 2 years ago

I have searched previous messages in the forum without finding a useful answer to my scenary:

My institution does not have hardware to scan a stack of documents to pdf.
I currently use OMR-Evaluator to scan tests with a smartphone while students finish the test and a very limited LibreOffice Base template to generate the tests by adding the OMR correction grid.
I would like to generate tests with AMC but I don't know how to replace the AMC scanner marks with the image the app needs.

The ideal solution would be to add to AMC the ability to correct with the mobile in a manner similar to that of this application:
But for now I could use AMC to generate the tests if I can replace AMC scanner marks with my own image
I have many groups of few students and this solution suits me quite well and is much cheaper than purchasing a scanner.

Thanks in advance