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Added by Felix Woelk over 4 years ago


I really appreciate your amc software and use it a lot for exams in my institution, thank you very much for creating and maintaining it.

When designing exams with AMCOpen and answers on same sheet, I use the \explain command a lot to generate a sample solution. However when the explanation is rather long, f.e. a program listing, it does not wrap to the next page but instead trails of the bottom border of the page and thus the last part of the explanation is not readable.

The naive approach of inserting a \newpage command in to the explanation section does not work.

Is there any workaround for this problem?

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RE: newpage in explain - Added by Frédéric Bréal over 4 years ago

Two ideas
  1. Don't choose box as option
  2. Use verbatimbox package, see the documentation 8.2.3