Install error

Added by Devin Casenhiser over 10 years ago

I get an error when I try to "make" the 1.1.0 package.

devin@ubuntu://home/devin/Downloads/auto-multiple-choice-1.1.0$ make
gcc -o AMC-traitement-image AMC-traitement-image.c -O2  -lnetpbm
AMC-traitement-image.c:26:16: fatal error: ppm.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [AMC-traitement-image] Error 1

Looks like a missing file??

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RE: Install error - Added by Alexis Bienvenüe over 10 years ago

Yes. You must install all dependencies before build.
If you use Ubuntu, prefer using AMC PPA (see AMC for Ubuntu) for smooth installation.