icon problem with new installation of amc on Ubuntu 22.04

Added by S. McKay 11 days ago

I recently had a disk failure, and had to reinstall Ubuntu 22.04 and reinstall the apps I use.

When I start AMC from the icon in the dock, it starts a new instance of AMC. Usually, that means I also see the icon further below in the dock, indicating I have an instance of AMC running.
However, after my reinstall, the running version (which identifies as AMC-gui.pl) just has the default icon (white gear on gray background). Before I had to reinstall, it had the correct icon,
but now it does not. (I had upgraded to 22.04 previously).

Does anyone know what the trouble is? Is it a glitch if you install AMC on a fresh install of 22.04? Is there an easy way to fix it?

This is pretty minor, but it helps me to glance at the dock and see if I have AMC running ...