AMC for any docker-compatible system using x11docker

Added by Erwan Bousse over 1 year ago

For those interested, I successfully managed to start AMC, packaged as a docker image, using the x11docker tool. Using this method, AMC can be used using any operating system able to start docker, without having to compile anything or to install any dependencies.

The docker image I made is debian-based, and is therefore running the AMC binary that can be found in the official debian package (which is usually reliable and up-to-date).

In my case, I am using this technique to run AMC from Fedora, which does not provide any official package for AMC.


While docker is not supposed to be used to run desktop graphical applications, it is extremely powerful to package an app with 100% of its dependencies.

Luckily, a nice tool called x11docker can be used to easily start a GUI application packaged as a docker image. The tool can be found here: It has also been packaged for several distros, such as Fedora.

How to try

Simply install x11docker, then run:
x11docker --clipboard --nxagent --share $HOME/.AMC.d --share $HOME/path/to/amc/projects auto-multiple-choice
(say yes when it asks if you want to download the docker image)

For more information and details, I have set up the following Gitlab project:

It contains:
- a README with documentation
- a Dockerfile that can be used to build a debian-based AMC docker image
- a working pre-built docker image accessible as: ``